Car title lenders have appraisals and loan to value ratios that are extremely aggressive when considering the credit level of many car title loan borrowers. In fact, most car title lenders don’t even look at their client’s credit rating when contemplating the loan!

We will match you with a car title loan service that is fast and efficient – no more long queues, no more credit checks, no more pile of paperwork. Find out more on how to obtain a cash loan against your car, while you keep it to drive. See the requirements below.


1. Vehicle. First and foremost, the vehicle must be clean and ready for inspection or appraisal.

Equally important is the title, which should be in the applicant’s name, or signed off. An original title or pink slip is typically necessary, but may be substituted by an original notarized notice that the lien is satisfied. If in any case the applicant does not have either, it is imperative that the company be notified. If the vehicle itself is still on loan, it must have been paid off by at least 90%.

2. Ability to Repay. The applicant must show the capability to repay the loan pursuant to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Above all documents, a proof of income is still the best proof of the ability to repay. Proof of income, may include, but is not limited to pay stub, extra vehicle key and proof of insurance with full coverage.

Also common to loan applications is the requirement for proof of residency, which may be covered by a lease or mortgage statement, a current phone, cable or internet service provider bill, and other additional utility bills.

3. References. At least three references will be required; one should be a member of the family. Basic details such as the name, home address, and phone number of these references must necessarily be listed.

4. Proof of Identification. As with all other loan applications, a form of identification is a top requirement. For car title loans, most specifically, a valid driver’s license may be submitted. Similarly, a social security card, passport and other government-issued identification cards are valid as well. Another valid identification would be proof of registration.

Last but not the least, after having met all the above-stated requirements, please do not forget to fill out an application form to jumpstart the process.
Note that as a loan matching service, CarTitleLoans.net represents the most common qualifications as required by our lenders. You’re exact lender’s needs may or may not be different.

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